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  • Carefully chosen choral music with annotations to help you decide if a selection will work for your choir
  • Comments from your colleagues who have performed this music and a place for you to add your own reflections
  • Stats about the music: type of music, composer, lyricist, publisher, original recording artist
  • Connections to places where you can hear the music – the original artist, choral arrangements, and publisher’s arrangements
  • Links to the publishers where you can order music

About River Choir

I have two loves in my life that come together in this website: choral music and rivers. While music about rivers is abundant, it can take hours of searching to find a selection that works for a particular concert, for this year’s group of singers, or for a theme you’ve chosen. I hope this website will help you in your own searching, and that you’ll join this community of music and river lovers to share comments about music you’ve performed. Together, we’ll inspire others to sing music about rivers and, like Pete Seeger said, “… show folks there’s a lot of good music in this world, and if used right it may help to save the planet.”

Marty Harding, River Choir

There is no music like a little river’s . . . It takes the mind out-of-doors . . . and . . . it quiets a man down like saying his prayers. Robert Louis Stevenson

River of Dreams by Billy Joel

Mark Brymer has done a beautiful job with this arrangement. As with any piece so well known as “River of Dreams,” the quality of your soloists will make or break it. Choose them carefully.  And then rehearse your choir so they can be comfortable in the backdrop role....

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Once Upon a River October 15th

     Once Upon a River:  October 15, 2016, 7:00 p.m. Marine-On-St-Croix, Minnesota Please join us for an amazing gathering to celebrate the St Croix River and the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. Dan Chouinard,  acclaimed pianist and accordionist, Butch...

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Let the River Run by Carly Simon

Let the River Run, by Carly Simon Let the River Run is the rock hymn for the film, Working Girl, which won an Oscar for Carly Simon.  This particular arrangement is as large as the New York skyline it evokes, and will bring down the house.  Make sure you have a great...

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