The River is Flowing

Composer:       Traditional (North American)

Arranger:         Lorenz Majerhofer

Lyrics:              Traditional (North American)

Publisher:         Helbling Choral Music


Arrangement:    SATB


River Choir Comments:

Given that I live on a watershed that has been inhabited for centuries by Native Americans, it is appropriate that we should perform music from the Native American tradition. Unfortunately, the Native American tradition is not SATB. In searching, I came across Majerhofer’s arrangement of “The River is Flowing.” Majerhofer is Swedish, which is ironic given that the Swedes and other immigrants tried their best to displace Native Americans in our region. That being said, this is a lovely piece of music with a traditional Native American open fifth theme. It is completely accessible for most choirs. Just don’t do it with the heavy-handed treatment that the Helbling choir gave it…lighten it up, use percussion, and let the cadence flow. The Oh, and by the way: allow plenty of time for this arrangement to arrive. Chief Seattle did not actually give the speech that ends this piece; google it. Nevertheless, the sentiment is true and beautiful.

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